Fall Fiction: Diana Gabaldon

The New York Times may be bemoaning the state of publishing/bookselling, but there’s a strong fall shaping up, with the return of many favorite authors. We’ve already posted about Stephen King, Pat Conroy, Dan Brown, Barbara Kingsolver and A.S. Byatt. Now Diana Gabaldon enters the list in October with a new installment in her popular Outlander series.  An Echo in the Bone is set during the American revolution and pits Jamie against his illegitimate son who is fighting for the British. At a reported 992 pages, this is a book readers can get lost in, and should keep them occupied until Spring 2010, when Del Rey will release a  graphic novel based on the series.

Gabaldon was an early internet adopter, and former BookPage editor Ann Shayne was an early fan. Check out their 1997 Q&A here.

One Response to Fall Fiction: Diana Gabaldon

  1. Jinglebob says:

    Hope Diana has worked out her addittion to writing about the Gay lifestyle of Lord John Gray, it was becoming a distraction.

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