From the mail room

lmaAs we’ve mentioned before, finding out what the mailman’s brought us is a daily treat. One recent discovery I’ve got stationed on my desk is Harriet Reisen’s Louisa May Alcott (Holt). This “revelatory portrait” (per the back cover copy) of the Little Women author will be on shelves October 27, and promises a fresh take on her life while placing it in the context of her works. Reisen has written for radio, PBS and HBO—and has adapted this biography for an American Masters biopic that will air in December.

Like many women I’ve been an Alcott fan since childhood, and remember snapping up old copies of her  out-of-print works, like Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom while following my mom around antiques stores. I loved the family dynamics (I’d always wanted a sister, or three) and the occasional hints of romance. As a preteen I discovered her ghost stories and pulp fiction. I’d always wished she’d written more, which is part of the reason I enjoyed Geraldine Brooks’ wonderful novel, March, so much.

Are you an Alcott fan? and if not, which authors captivated you as a child? I have many more on my list but I’ll have to save them for another blog post.

3 Responses to From the mail room

  1. I love Louisa May Alcott and am so glad to see this new book about her. And I so enjoyed introducing my daughter to her works when she was a child. I got to read all those lovely books all over again!

  2. Trisha says:

    How fun! Hope she enjoyed them as well.

  3. Karen Olson says:

    I read LITTLE WOMEN so many times the book fell apart. I devoured Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom and Little Men and Jo’s Boys as well. This sounds like an interesting book about Alcott’s life.

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