Undead writer’s club

It has been four years since her blockbuster debut, The Historian, but Elizabeth 06.23swanthKostova is rising again on January 21 with a second act, The Swan Thieves. Instead of literature, this time Kostova’s subject is painting—and painters who struggle to balance love and art. The novel goes from 1870s France to the modern day as a Washington, D.C., psychiatrist tries to discover why one of his patients attacked painting in the National Gallery.

She told Powell‘s she began work on The Swan Thieves before The Historian was even published.  “I felt it was important for me to get back to writing right away — to draw that magic, private circle again.”

After the jump, a video of Kostova discussing the novel.

2 Responses to Undead writer’s club

  1. Vicki says:

    Loved The Historian. Looking forward to The Swan Thieves.

  2. […] Then there’s the return of Elizabeth Kostova with The Swan Thieves (Little, Brown), which we blogged about earlier this summer. […]

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