Novel writing makes prime time

Most of my TV-watching is done online these days, so maybe it’s not surprising that I missed the March premiere of “Castle,” a new crime drama that stars Nathan Fillion as best-selling novelist Richard Castle, who teams up with a no-nonsense NYC cop to catch a killer who’s copying the crimes from his books.

I was immediately entertained by the opening scene, which found Castle at a party celebrating the upcoming release of his new book, Sharpie at hand to sign the cleavage of his many fans (not like any launch party I’ve ever been to, but if ABC wants to glamorize publishing, I won’t complain). A few minutes later, Castle made what I thought was a throwaway reference to a routine poker night with Patterson and Cannell. Ten minutes later, there they were.

Patterson, Cannell and Nathan Fillion in Castle

Patterson, Cannell and Nathan Fillion in "Castle"

The two writers seemed like naturals in front of the camera and the scene, like the rest of the show, was lighthearted fun. By the end of episode one, Castle has been inspired to write a new series starring a heroine based on, you guessed it, the cop, which allows him to follow her on future cases and lays the ground for the rest of the season. Of course, the focus is more on solving crimes than the nuts and bolts of writing (probably a good thing as far as entertainment value goes) but it’s seeing a writer on TV that is, well, novel. (sorry)

You can watch the scene in question, and episodes 1-5 of “Castle,” here. Have you seen it? Will you watch?

4 Responses to Novel writing makes prime time

  1. Marion says:

    Thanks for posting the links. I watch very little tv also, but I had heard about this show. Now I’ll watch it online. 🙂 M

  2. Noir says:

    I actually caught this series when it premiered and only watch a handful of shows. This is one on my list, being a fan of Cannell’s and Patterson’s was very nice. It’s a well written show and it doesn’t focus on the hardware of writing, but I agree, the more it can pump the interest for publishing, I’m all for it.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE this program. I, too, watched it online and didn’t miss an episode. It’s well written and very well acted.

  4. […] is back, in print and on TV Over the summer, I posted about the ABC series “Castle,” about a novelist and a cop who form an unlikely partnership […]

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