Dinner with a debut author

Last night Trisha and I were lucky enough to attend a dinner honoring debut novelist, Amy Greene. Amy’s novel, Bloodroot, goes on sale in January and since the author is a true Tennessee girl, her very wise Ingram account manager, Jason Gobble, set up a dinner with local booksellers and media.

Love the jacket

Love the jacket

Our group of twenty met at Cock of the Walk (yup, you read that right), a down home restaurant known for their catfish and well, fried . . . everything.

Author Amy was as sweet as could be, and our group enjoyed a fun-filled night of greasy food and book-dominated conversation.

Named for a flower whose blood-red sap possesses the power both to heal and poison, Bloodroot is a story about the legacies—of magic and madness, faith and secrets, passion and loss—that haunt one family across the generations, from the Great Depression to today.



Amy told me she met author Jill McCorkle at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Jill loved Amy’s novel and put her in touch with New York literary agent, Leigh Feldman. Amy says she met with Leigh and had a book deal with Knopf within the month. Not bad for a first time writer from East Tennessee! We love Bloodroot at BookPage and we’re hoping others will agree.

The book goes on sale January 12, so make sure you put this one on your 2010 reading list!

3 Responses to Dinner with a debut author

  1. Meryl says:

    It is on my list. Thanks for the heads-up.

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