L.A. Candy to hit theaters near you

It’s no secret that I’m a Lauren Conrad fan. Earlier this year, I forced Trisha to come with me to a Nashville signing of her first Y.A. novel, L.A. Candy (check out our adventures here). And I read—and enjoyed—the book. But when news broke yesterday that Temple Hill Entertainment had acquired screen rights to L.A. Candy, even I had mixed feelings.

The lucky author

The lucky author

Let’s think about this: once Lauren Conrad was just an average California high school student. Then she agreed to have her life taped as part of MTV’s reality show, “Laguna Beach.” Then came “The Hills,” chronicling Lauren’s move to L.A. Then Lauren wrote L.A. Candy about her experiences on “The Hills.” And now we have a movie about the book about the TV show about the girl. But it’s fiction. Based on reality. The mind reels.

It’s great news for Lauren, though. Not only will she “be involved in shaping the direction of the script” and given the title of Executive Producer on the film, but Temple Hill is executive producing the movie. Maybe you’ve heard of their current film projects, the “Twilight” sequels “New Moon” and “Eclipse”?

I guess the only remaining question is: who will play Lauren Conrad in a movie version of her literary life?

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