Twitter tips for booklovers

10.09twitternameMedia coverage of twitter—which was ubiquitous when they discovered it earlier this year and hasn’t let up much since—tends to focus on the sensational. Like Senators caught tweeting during a presidential address. Or celebs using Twitter to to break up. But there’s a very interesting literary community out there expressing themselves in 140 characters or less. Including, of course, BookPage (@BookPage). At any moment, booklovers are tweeting out book news and links to articles or blog posts you’ll want to read, announcing giveaways or just discussing the latest bestseller.

Excellent newbie guides to Twitter have already been written, so in honor of Follow Friday, after the jump we’ll share a few of our favorite tweeters and keywords (aka hashtags) to get you started in the Twitter community. This being the end of a long week I’m sure to have left someone out, so please add to the list—or share your own Twitter name—in the comments!

People/publishers to follow
@Maud Newton (of Maud Newton)
@mikecane (ebook news and opinion)
@RonHogan (of GalleyCat)
@[your favorite author—they’re probably on there!]

A sample from the #fridayreads discussion

Example of the #fridayreads discussion

(enter these into the search field to find every tweet using that tag)

#fridayreads (on Friday afternoons, learn what everyone plans to read over the weekend)

#litchat (afternoon book discussion)

#reading (to see what people are reading anytime)

#tbc (the twitter book club! They’re currently reading Zoe Heller’s The Believers.)

You can also use hashtags like #bouchercon and #romcon to track current or upcoming book events.

2 Responses to Twitter tips for booklovers

  1. A great list of some great industry professionals. Thanks so much for including me on the list as well!

  2. Thanks so much for this very inclusive list. I’ll follow them all! One of the best reviewer/book clubs that I follow on Twitter is @ReviewsByBobbie. She has a great blog too that you can find on her Twitter page. You can also find book lovers at @thebookclub.

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