Big February fiction

2010 is looking like a great year—for fiction, at least. I’ve been busy sorting through the January stacks, trying to decide between big names (Elizabeth Kostova, J.M. Coetzee, Tracy Chevalier and Amy Bloom among them) and outstanding debuts (remember the names Leila Meacham, Ali Shaw, and Matthew Flaming). But it turns out January is just the tip of the great fiction iceberg.

Reader favorites Chris Bohjalian (Midwives), Lori Lansens (The Girls) and Louise Erdrich (The Painted Drum) all have new novels set to publish in February 2010. Bohjalian’s Secrets of Eden is set in contemporary New England and examines a family plagued by domestic violence; Lansens’ The Wife’s Tale follows a middle aged woman around the country as she searches for her missing husband;

Erdrich’s Shadow Tag is being pitched as entirely different from her other novels, “a heart stopping story with the tension and suspense of a psychological thriller, an anatomy of a marriage that leads its characters, as well as the reader, to a stunning and utterly unexpected ending.” I can’t wait to dig into all three—just as soon as I wrap up January.

What 2010 fiction are you most excited about?

3 Responses to Big February fiction

  1. Call me self-centered, but I’m most excited about “badbadbad,” my multimedia novel about what happens when sex, god & rock ‘n’ roll meet the social Web. You can peep some info here: — The site was just launched last week, as was my initial dive into the wild ‘n’ wonderful world of Twitter (@badbadbad). I’m determined to see this book published in 2010, first in various electronic formats, then in book form. Feel free to check it out, spread the word, etc. All feedback is welcome. On the reading front, right now I’m psyched to dig into “Generosity” by Richard Powers (if I could just get OFFline). He’s one of the very best, no question. 2010? Hmmm… badbadbad???

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