Historical Tweets

We’ve posted about bloggers getting book deals in the past, and that trend certainly seems here to stay. The latest: On April 27, 2010, Alan Beard and Alec McNayr’s site Historical Tweets will be published as a book by Villard.

A couple weeks ago Trisha posted a handy list of tweeters in the book world. Well, this site’s premise is that Twitter has always existed, and historical figures have been communicating to each other in 140 characters or less since the beginning of time. (The most popular post on the site: “anyone got a more creative way of saying ‘87 years?’” HonestAbe on Nov. 18, 1863.)


Is there anyone out there whom you’d like to see with a Twitter account? Do you keep up with any of your favorite authors on Twitter?

2 Responses to Historical Tweets

  1. Eva says:

    That’s a hilarious tweet!🙂 Mainly because I don’t like Thoreau, lol. I don’t think I’d ever follow a dead person on twitter, though, because it’d just be kind of weird.😉

  2. Alec says:

    Thanks for mentioning our upcoming book release! We’re quite excited. Historical Tweets highlights all the funny, unexpected, and historically inaccurate moments from the pages of history. Looking forward to seeing what your readers think!

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