DailyLit: A reader’s best friend?

At BookPage, we were excited to read about Paul Lewis’s Wilkie Collins project; from now until August 22, you can receive The Woman in White in daily e-mail installations.

If you like reading in this format, you are going to go crazy over DailyLit. (And hey! You can read books at work and pretend like you’re checking e-mail.) This website will e-mail you books that are public domain or available under Creative Commons licenses – for free!

A screenshot from the DailyLit website

DailyLit’s FAQ page provides an example of a typical reading experience:

I am currently reading Dracula, which has 187 installments and I am receiving installments on weekdays, i.e. 5 days/week. So at most it will take me 187/5 = 37 weeks. But when I am on the train or waiting, I often read more than one installment, so I usually wind up reading about 10 installments/week. This means I will finish Dracula in about 19 weeks or 5 months.

Browse their book selection here. And Jane Austen fans can rejoice. P&P, Emma, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abby and Mansfield Park are all available.

I saw that John Grisham’s short story, “Fetching Raymond,” is available. This was my favorite story from Ford County – definitely a good pick for reading online since it won’t take too long.

Would you like to read a book via e-mail? Do any of their book options look good to you?

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