“Read for your life” with Katherine Paterson

Katherine Paterson

Since we seem to be on a children’s/YA lit roll, I’ve got another news item to pile on the list. (Don’t worry: We haven’t forgotten about the grownup stuff!)

Beloved YA novelist and Newbery Medalist Katherine Paterson, the author of Bridge to Terabithia, Jacob Have I Loved and many others, has today been named the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. She succeeds Jon Scieszka.

According to the Library of Congress, “The position of National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature was created to raise national awareness of the importance of young people’s literature as it relates to lifelong literacy, education, and the development and betterment of the lives of young people.” Paterson will serve a two-year term. The focus of her tenure will be “read for your life.” (We can get behind that mission!)

In reviewing the book The Same Stuff as Stars, Dean Schneider gives us a glimpse at Paterson’s ability to use books to stretch children’s imaginations and boost their spirits: “[Main character Angel] feels part of the grander scheme of the universe. Just as adults became her guides, so do the stars, and she feels that maybe she, too, might take her lead from those beaming celestial bodies. No matter what other people did or failed to do, you could try yourself to be something like Polaris, shining strong and bright and fixed in a swirling world of darkness.”

Why do you think Paterson will make a great Ambassador for Yong People’s Literature?

2 Responses to “Read for your life” with Katherine Paterson

  1. Robin says:

    Katherine Paterson is a perfect person to be the Ambassador for Children’s Literature. Not only does she write marvelous books, she loves children and they respond with energy and emotion whenever I have seen her speak in public. One time I remember was in Madison, WI. She spoke to a large group of adults and some children. She insisted that every child be allowed to cut in line to get books signed before adults. I will never forget it. She is a marvel and I think the Library of Congress has made a fabulous choice.

  2. […] Paterson, the recently-appointed National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and two-time winner of the National Book Award and Newbery Medal, has some news. And we have a long […]

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