Reading goals for 2010

Browsing the book blog world, I’ve seen a lot of posts about reading goals for 2010. For example, Rebecca at The Book Lady’s Blog writes about reading “deliberately” in 2010—reading classics, reading meatier books and mixing new releases with backlist titles. S. Krishna wants to tackle more literary fiction and make use of her e-reader.

Like many of you, I want to read through my TBR stack before buying any more books! I also go through fiction and nonfiction phases, and lately I’ve read probably 90% fiction. I’d love to mix it up a bit and read some nonfiction, especially some of the memoirs that have come out lately (A Mountain of Crumbs has gotten rave reviews from other BookPage editors).

What are your reading goals for 2010?

11 Responses to Reading goals for 2010

  1. Shelley Giusti says:

    I am planning on reading 100 plus books this year.

  2. Natalie says:

    Same with me , 100+ books this year!! Yea!

  3. John Gilmore says:

    My goal is to read 50 pages a day. That would result in my successfully reading all the assigned texts in my classes and quite a bit more. Lofty goal for the whole year, but less so because I’m a student.

  4. Robin says:

    I hope to read every good picture book that is published in ’10. It would be great to read one adult book a month, too.

  5. Ti says:

    I plan to read more of the classics…that’s it. Should be easy enough. I am hosting a Moby Dick read-along at the moment and it made me want to re-visit a lot of my favorite books and read some of the ones that I never got to before. I’ve never read any Austen!

  6. Kerry says:

    I’ve told myself I’m going to read all of my to-read pile before buying new books before… and it’s always been a complete failure. This year, I am going to read at least one book owned pre-2009 per month (12 in the year), in addition to all the books for work and reviews and anything new.

    I’m also trying to catch up on the classics, and I’m combining that goal with my attempts to try to read on my iPod – the Classics app and the B&N E-reader, for starts!

  7. Claudia says:

    I would like to read more books than I did last year(30 books). I have set a goal of at least one book a month of a book that I already own. I seriously need to decrease the number of books I already have but reading current books from the library always seems to win out. I have set a goal of at least 50 books this year-12-15 of them from my own collection.

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  9. kmdbookworm says:

    My goals are to write in my own book about blogs more! I really enjoy this on a lot.

    I also want to read 7 books by May. (Which may on the surface not seem like a lot — but it is for a full-time college student.)

  10. kmdbookworm says:

    My last post didn’t make sense, but I don’t know how to delete it. Haha. I meant my goals are to write in my own books blog more.

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