Katherine Paterson’s 2012 buzz

The original cover (c. 1910) of The Flint Heart

Katherine Paterson, the recently-appointed National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and two-time winner of the National Book Award and Newbery Medal, has some news. And we have a long time to get excited about it. Candlewick Press has announced the publication of her middle grade novel, The Flint Heart. The novel will be released in March. . . 2012.

I suppose that Candlewick announced the novel’s release so early in order to piggyback on Paterson’s National Ambassador press. What do you think? Is it effective to build buzz two years early?

In any case, I’m excited for the release, which will be a retelling of Eden Phillpotts’ 1910 “fantastical cautionary tale” of the same title (which is available for free online).

Paterson will co-write with her husband, John Paterson. John Rocco, who worked as the pre-production art director for the movie Shrek, will illustrate.

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