Yann Martel cover, discovered

Beatrice & Virgil

Beatrice & Virgil

Three months before the April 13 release date, the cover for Yann Martel’s second novel has been revealed! And so, a monkey and a donkey in the desert take the place of a boy and a tiger on a life raft. Now, if we could only get galleys!  (via)

More on Beatrice and Virgil on The Book Case.

3 Responses to Yann Martel cover, discovered

  1. Kay says:

    Sorry about the previous comment, I mistakenly pressed TAB and then Enter😦 .

    Now on what I actually wanted to say: I think this cover is very cool, both because it’s simple yet efficient, and also because it reminds me in a way of the cover of Life of Pi. I’m so looking forward to this book being released!

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for the nice image of the cover. I’ve seen some small images of it, but this is the first full size image I have seen and it looks nice.

    From what I hear this book should be and interesting addition to Martel’s work. I am hoping to host a discussion of both Life of Pi and then Beatrice and Virgil starting in June. If anyone is interested in discussing the book, please join us at readitsomeday.com. Even if you read the book at your own pace you are welcome to comment and participate .

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