Heist Society in stores (and maybe on the big screen)

It’s a big week for Ally Carter!

Her YA art caper novel, Heist Society, hits stores today, and you can read all about it in an interview on BookPage.com. I talked to Carter (also the author of the bestselling Gallagher Girls series) about the book in December and am excited that teens can finally read the book for themselves. (Imagine if Julia Roberts’ and George Clooney’s characters in Ocean’s 11 had a daughter. Who staged a huge heist as a teenager. That would be Kat, the star of Heist Society.)

Carter was a lot of fun to talk to (In response to “How to you feel about Valentine’s Day?” she answered: “Valentine’s Day is the day before all the chocolates go on sale”), so yesterday I was happy to see that Publisher’s Lunch reported a major film rights deal concerning Heist Society. The film rights were optioned to Warner Brothers for seven figures. Denise Di Novi (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) is slated to produce.

On her blog, Carter wrote: “The whole time I was writing Heist I always thought of it as a movie. More than once I’ve said that it’s far more cinematic than anything I’ve ever done. But what do I know, right? I also think cake is a well-balanced breakfast, so I’m wrong. A lot. . . At the end of the day we ended up signing with Warner Brothers and the talented Denise DiNovi as the producer. The screenplay will be written by the fabulous Shauna Cross (who wrote Whip It and the screenplay for If I Stay).” She also reminded readers that a film option is not a guarantee that a movie will get made—but it’s a step in the right direction.

So commenters: Who would you pick to play Kat, the daughter of notorious art thieves, or her love interest Hale? What’s your favorite heist book?

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