Vampires: the trend that won’t die

Author Karen Essex

Readers these days have an insatiable desire for the undead. Luckily, authors seem to be equally fascinated. The latest to succumb: Karen Essex, a historical fiction author who made a name for herself telling the story of the Egyptian Queen in Kleopatra (read Essex’s behind the book story about Kleopatra) and had a bestseller in 2008 with Stealing Athena.

Essex’s August 2010 release, provocatively titled Dracula in Love, is the imagined diary of Mina Harker, the woman who escaped the vamp’s clutches—but not before he got a taste of her blood. Essex has been researching the book, and the Victorian Gothic sensibility, for the last few years—her blog has lots of details, including a post on a visit to Highgate Cemetery (where a particularly memorable scene in Dracula was set—as well as Audrey Niffenegger’s latest novel).

But Essex isn’t the only one to find this topic intriguing: Syrie James, who previously wrote The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte, is also publishing, you guessed it, The Secret Diaries of Mina Harker (Avon). In August!

And those are just the two books about Mina Harker and Dracula. May brings a new Sookie Stackhouse mystery from Charlaine Harris; June, the anticipated vampire/apocalyptic novel The Passage by Justin Cronin (see an earlier post on Cronin here) . . . shall I go on? Eternal life might come in handy if you want to read all of these!

ETA: just found a related post from NPR — if you want a comprehensive vampire reading list, this is it.

2 Responses to Vampires: the trend that won’t die

  1. Sarah says:

    Thought I was over the whole vampire thing until I heard about “The Passage.” It sounds deliciously amazing. I can not wait to read that book.

    • Trisha says:

      Yes — I should have said that I have actually enjoyed many of the vamp books, but it’s just starting to seem so tired. THE PASSAGE does put a new twist on things.

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